How to Request a HuskyCT Site for a Class
Step 1: Log into the Student Admin System (PeopleSoft)
Step 2: Navigate to "Faculty Center" via "Self Service"
  faculty center
Step 3: Click on "Huskyct sections" tab
  HuskyCT Sections tab
Step 4: Select the term
  select term
Step 5: Check the appropriate box next to each course you want in HuskyCT
  new request screen
NOTE: If you plan to combine multiple HuskyCT sections, be sure to check the boxes for all the sections that will be used for the combine. They must, of course, all be requested in the same system.    
Step 6: Click Submit button
Step 7: Click OK
ok message
NOTE: You will not receive an email confirmation. Log in to HuskyCT next business day to access your site(s).
The login for the "OLD" HUskyCT is at The login for the "NEW" HuskyCT is
Step 8: Optional - To restore a HuskyCT site from a previous semester into a new HuskyCT section
NOTE: New sites must be requested before the restore form is submitted.    
Step 9: Optional - To have multiple HuskyCT sites combined
  After requesting new HuskyCT sites, email if you wish to have any sites combined.
  Please indicate which sections you wish to have combined and whether you need to have any content from a prior semester restored in the combined section. If your old content is coming from a combined site, please indicate that as well.
NOTE: Section Combine Requests must be submitted even for cross-listed courses (e.g., ENGL1111 & HRTS1111)    

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